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ADVANCED NOTICE: Please ONLY send your advance notices to:    Do not use the portal for advance notices.

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Attention Outreach Trainers: Please read the following passage regarding your trainer authorization and expiration dates. This is from the December 2017 OTI Education Center Requirements and Procedure Manual:

"Previously authorized Outreach trainers” no longer exist. A trainer card that has expired within the last 10 years is no longer acceptable to meet the prerequisite requirements for enrolling in a trainer course. Any trainer who allows their authorization to expire must meet the same prerequisite requirements as everyone else enrolling in the trainer course, i.e. standards course completion within the last 7 years and a prerequisite verification form that documents the 5 years of safety experience. 

ATTENTION! OSHA Key Changes as of January 2018

CLICK HERE to access new 2018 requirements

NEW 1 Hour Introduction to OSHA

*** VOC TECH and all OUTREACH TRAINERS: If you hold classes where a student has chosen NOT to receive a card, it must be noted on the roster and your course documentation, signed by the student and dated. This way a student cannot come back suggesting they were never issued a card.

  • NEW Trainers must register to receive your NEW ID# and password.

  • If you already have an ID#, please use it, don't register again.

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Here are some helpful TIPS for success with the Outreach Program:


  • Trainers must submit class documentation within 30 days of class completion in order to be issued outreach cards. Cards are $8.00 each.

  • Trainers must provide student course completion cards to students within 30 days of receipt.

  • Trainers must issue student course completion cards directly to the student, regardless of who paid for the training. Cards must be sent to the students address listed on the daily sign in sheets or deliver to students directly. Trainers who fail to comply with this requirement may be subjected to corrective action by OSHA, up to and including the revocation of authorized trainer status.

  • Replacement of student course outreach cards will not be issued if the training took place more than five years ago - if original training occurred more than 5 years ago - student must attend training again to be issued a new outreach card. Only one replacement may be issued per student.

  • The Outreach Training Program is voluntary and promotes workplace safety and health by training workers about their rights and workplace hazards. Visit OSHA's Outreach Training Program web page for more information.